First FO

Anice Shawl in progress  Well, now it is finished and also given as a birthdaygift…. my very first FO since I started blogging. Not to spoil the surprice for my sister, who was the recipient of the present, I haven’t posted anything about this object till now. I have truly enjoyed knitting with Kidsilk Haze, it is so incredibly soft and very nice to work with (except for frogging… I made a mistake and had to go back a few rows… what a distress!). Overall it was a very interesting and challenging shawl to knit, and I am very happy with the final result (fortunately so was my sis :-)).

To great distress for the two yarntanglers the shawl wasn’t for them to nap on, eventhough they took every oppotunity to demonstrate the potential of the shawl as a nap blanket. Below I was measuring the length, but before I even got to the measuring part they had taken posssesion of the shawl…

Nap blanket    Blocking

Also while the shawl was blocking, Kenzo made a final attempt at claiming possesion of the shawl 🙂

Kenzo on Shawl

Very soon I’ll post some pictures of the finished shawl in daylight.


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