Anice in nature…

   Just a few pics to present the Anice shawl in nature. Shawl on TreeThe pictures are courtesy of my sis, who also happened to be the (happy) receiver of the Anice shawl. It was a great feeling to be able to make her a present that I was really pleased with myself.

    Anice Shawl See

Anice shawl by Sharon Miller in Rowan Magazine 41, knit in Rowan Kidsilk Haze, shade 584.

Time elapsed from cast on to finished object; about one month.

Modifications; I left out one repetition of the chart, for the shawl not to get too long. The finished shawl measures about 180 cm.

And now it is on to a bit of holiday knitting, the Kiri is coming along nicely, and I just hope that the finished result will turn out as nice as the Anice. I have to admit I really like the symmetry present in both the patterns of the Anice and the Kiri. The Kiri should be finished well before Christmas, so perhaps one or two minor holiday projects will find their way as well… 🙂 Hope you enjoy the Christmas spirit making its entry in December. Happy holiday knitting….


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