The blog is still alive…

Yesterday I got reminded (by the yarntangler in the very bottom of the picture) that I was long overdue with my blogposting, and knitting too, for that matter. I woke up, and from our bed I could see yarn all over the floor, not exactly where I left it the night before… I guess he had fun.


Yarn all over

For a long time now, all I’ve been doing have in one way or another, been related to moving (moving to a new country kind of extends the list of things to do in that regard). Furthermore I have begun my new job, which also takes up loads of time… however we now finally seem to have settled in at our new place, and are both happy and content with new jobs. So it was time to resume knitting! The other evening I began knitting again, and got very enthusiastic, hence didn’t even pack the knitting back in the knitting basket, but left it out overnight ready for the next day. BIG mistake! Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had been missing the knitting, and leaving all that beautiful yarn out in the open was too much of a temptation for Kenzo. Fortunately it was only the not yet knitted yarn that was all tangled up, the knitting itself had just been dragged across the floor 🙂

The work on my needles for the moment is the Nevis cardigan by Marie Wallin from Rowan 42, but more about that soon in another post. For the moment all I want to say is that the blog is still alive, I’m still knitting and looking forward to blog on a more regular basis 🙂


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