Novice blogger


I’ve realized that blogging is a craft in line with other crafty things as knitting, crocheting, spinning, quilting etc. Not that I didn’t now that before, it is just that now I have truely realized the amount of work that goes into the beautiful and inspiring crafty blogs outthere, I haven’t really considered that before. I hereby dedicate this post to these blogs, I appreciate a lot the inspiration and motivation I get from reading them!

Being a novice blogger I still have a lot to learn, trust me when I say that this is not exactly how I envisioned my blog, but for the moment this is how far the level of my skills get me. Hopefully along the way I’ll improve my skills and my blog. In the meantime, if you happen to visit my site (if anyone is reading?) comments will be very much appreciated.



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  1. Welcome to the wonderful (and occasionally frustrating) world of blogging! I definitely still think of myself as a novice, after well over a year, and I frequently don’t have the time it would take to make my blog what I want it to be. But the knitblogging community is a fantastic place to be, regardless.

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