Nevis WIP update

Well… progress is made on the Nevis cardigan. Now both the back and both fronts are finished and I’m knitting away on the first sleeve. I’m really curious to find out how the finished result will be and I’m really looking forward to finishing this one. Honestly though, I’m a bit worried about the many many ends I’ll have to weave in, the unintended felting of the yarn, the rainbow color combo and that it turn’s out to grow extensively in the process of blocking. For the moment though I’m happily ignoring these thoughts and I just enjoy the knitting.

Since the pattern is not at all complicated this fits perfect for tv-knitting, my favorite for the moment is “Six feet under”, it’s brilliant. With only the sleeves and the collar to go, I’ve today begun to consider new projects. As preparation I had to order the Phildar magazine no. 480 from winter 2007/2008, it has several beautiful sweaters (with a lot of beautiful cables) in it, I would just love to knit.


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  1. I think the Nevis cardigan looks great in those rainbow colours!

    And “Six feet under” is a really good series, isn’t it? 🙂

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