Blocking Nevis… Part Two

Well, apparently the blocking shouldn’t go as easy as it seemed when I blocked the back and the fronts…

Right now I’m blocking the sleeves for the second time… the first time I don’t know what went wrong but they got quite big, not only very long but also very wide. Not knowing exactly what went wrong and how to fix this, I decided to block them once more. The reason for this is that the only thing I could think of I had done differently with the sleeves compared to the body, was using a different soap, so I blocked them again this time using the same soap as for the back and fronts. After a quick wash in the other soap, the sleeves felt completely different! Much more like the back and front… I’m really pleased with that, and just hope they will remain this way when drying up. However, it is completely beyond me if this is caused by the tiny splash of soap… anyway that will be the conclusion if the dry up nicely this time. Note to self: Don’t use other soap unless desire for garment to grow excessively!

For now, I guess the only thing for me to do is to find my (mostly non-existing) patience and wait for the result…


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