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FO Nevis

Well, finally FO pictures of Nevis!

Fortunately the sleeves turned out nicely after the second blocking, boy, did I get quite a scare…! And I managed to find a nice zipper (eventhough it is black on the sides, I had hoped for dark blue or green, but no), and last but not least, I managed to sew it in by hand. Since sewing is not really my thing, this was quite an accomplishment

I don’t know what is happening with the daylight these days, it seems it is semi-dark when I get up in the morning, and then semi-dark when I return home late in the afternoon… Where did the light go? It is not that I don’t like fall, I truly do. And I love the colors… all shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. However, an unfortunate side-effect of fall is the lack of daylight for proper photos of knitting projects. This week I had to wait till the weekend before I found daylight time to take a few proper pictures of Nevis. The good thing about this though, it was a nice occasion to enjoy a nice hot cafe au lait in the park with my husband.

Here it is:  

Modelled from the front:

And from the back: 

It is reported to be very warm and soft, and fits nicely under his warm waistcoat. (Of course we forgot the waistcoat at home because the weather was so nice, so unfortunately no pictures of Nevis under the waistcoat this time around)

Pattern: Nevis by Marie Wallin, Rowan 42

Yarn: Rowan Tapestry, Colorway: Moorland, Whirlpool & Rainbow

Size: L

Modifications: I made the neckband a little shorter than the pattern called for, due to a specific request from the recipient. Also the length of the sleeves I made a bit shorter, because the sleeves in the pattern are really long, and eventhough long sleeves are nice, I think making them according to the pattern would be a bit too much.


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Blocking Nevis… Part One

With only half a sleeve to go I’ve anticipated the blocking process. I decided to block both fronts and the back, since I have to seam the shoulders before I can work the neckband, which I figured I could do while the sleeves will be blocking… Is it obvious I’m looking very much forward to finish this cardigan? 😉

My previous worries concerning the blocking turned out to be unnecessary. It didn’t grow or felt excessively as I feared, and I have to say that I really like how it feels after blocking. Also I’m getting used to the dramatic color changes and I’m beginning to like the finished result I see in my imagination. Apart from finishing the last sleeve the next sub-project for Nevis is a zipper hunt… I need to make a decision whether to use a green, blue or brown zipper, or simply go with one with a brass look…? Did I mention how good it feels to be in the process of finishing Nevis?!!

Earlier this week we went for an evening walk along the Akerselva (a river in the city centre) along with a few ten-thousands of other people… To mark the autumnal equinox all electric light along the river was turned off, and replaced with varying light shows and torch lights. It was an absolutely beautiful walk… not to mention the special atmosphere created by so many people in the same place at the same time. Below a little glimpse from the walk.

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Nevis WIP update

Well… progress is made on the Nevis cardigan. Now both the back and both fronts are finished and I’m knitting away on the first sleeve. I’m really curious to find out how the finished result will be and I’m really looking forward to finishing this one. Honestly though, I’m a bit worried about the many many ends I’ll have to weave in, the unintended felting of the yarn, the rainbow color combo and that it turn’s out to grow extensively in the process of blocking. For the moment though I’m happily ignoring these thoughts and I just enjoy the knitting.

Since the pattern is not at all complicated this fits perfect for tv-knitting, my favorite for the moment is “Six feet under”, it’s brilliant. With only the sleeves and the collar to go, I’ve today begun to consider new projects. As preparation I had to order the Phildar magazine no. 480 from winter 2007/2008, it has several beautiful sweaters (with a lot of beautiful cables) in it, I would just love to knit.

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Summer, socks and sheep?



An impression from an absolutely magnificent holiday in Iceland, in every way it exceeded all I had ever expected. We so enjoyed our time there, our friends had arranged for everything (and then some), and we can never thank them enough for this fantastic holiday. It was an undescribable pleasure to see them again, and to experience their beautiful country.


My very first pair of handknitted socks! My feet almost couldn’t wait to put them on, and I’m happy to report that they fit perfectly. These are Spring forward socks by Linda Welch, knitted in Harmony sock yarn from The wollen Rabbit, gorgeous yarn! Knittingwise, apart from the sock debut, not much has happened this past month. A little progress on each of the present WIP’s, which for the moment count the Nevis cardigan, the Swallowtail shawl and the Icarus shawl. I have sort of promised myself that I will finish at least one of the WIP’s before beginning a new one, however, I so enjoyed knitting the socks (and so enjoy wearing them) that I guess this will be a difficult promise to keep… There are so many beautiful patterns out there, sigh.

 Obviously there also had to be a picture of a sheep in this post.


And as a bonus I of course had to bring home a little wool. I guess this will eventually end up as a couple of nice shawls, at least that is the plan for now, it may change…

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Color me happy

 This is by far the most colorful and stripy sweater/cardigan I have knitted so far. This is the almost finished back of the Nevis cardigan, and so far it has been very straight forward knitting. The yarn is Rowan tapestry in three different color variations, I’m not quite sure how it will turn out with the colors and stripes once it is finished, but I really like the feel of the yarn though. Main thing is that hubby is really happy about the colors and since it in the end will be his, I think for now that is the most essential.

For the moment I’m in a process of considering casting on for a second project, to date I have only committed to one project at the time, however knitting a warm cardigan in wool in the middle of summer without the option to switch to something a bit lighter doesn’t really makes sense, does it? Well at least that’s my justification for casting on for a second project. The actual problem is deciding which project to be the second project??? For the moment I’m considering several alternatives, among others the Febrary Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne and the Seraphim Shawl by Miriam L. Felton or perhaps my first pair of socks? I guess in the end it will depend the yarn I get my hands on, I’m so looking forward to go yarn shopping soon.

 Yes, this is what I found about two minutes after I had finished taking pictures… Guess hubby will have to fight Kenzo to get his cardigan, he really seems to like it 😉


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The blog is still alive…

Yesterday I got reminded (by the yarntangler in the very bottom of the picture) that I was long overdue with my blogposting, and knitting too, for that matter. I woke up, and from our bed I could see yarn all over the floor, not exactly where I left it the night before… I guess he had fun.


Yarn all over

For a long time now, all I’ve been doing have in one way or another, been related to moving (moving to a new country kind of extends the list of things to do in that regard). Furthermore I have begun my new job, which also takes up loads of time… however we now finally seem to have settled in at our new place, and are both happy and content with new jobs. So it was time to resume knitting! The other evening I began knitting again, and got very enthusiastic, hence didn’t even pack the knitting back in the knitting basket, but left it out overnight ready for the next day. BIG mistake! Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had been missing the knitting, and leaving all that beautiful yarn out in the open was too much of a temptation for Kenzo. Fortunately it was only the not yet knitted yarn that was all tangled up, the knitting itself had just been dragged across the floor 🙂

The work on my needles for the moment is the Nevis cardigan by Marie Wallin from Rowan 42, but more about that soon in another post. For the moment all I want to say is that the blog is still alive, I’m still knitting and looking forward to blog on a more regular basis 🙂

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