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Blocking Nevis… Part One

With only half a sleeve to go I’ve anticipated the blocking process. I decided to block both fronts and the back, since I have to seam the shoulders before I can work the neckband, which I figured I could do while the sleeves will be blocking… Is it obvious I’m looking very much forward to finish this cardigan? ūüėČ

My previous worries concerning the blocking turned out to be unnecessary. It didn’t grow or felt excessively as I feared, and I have to say that I really like how it feels after blocking. Also I’m getting used to¬†the dramatic color changes and I’m beginning to like the finished result I see in my imagination. Apart from finishing the last sleeve the next sub-project for Nevis is a zipper hunt… I need to make a decision whether to use a green, blue or brown zipper, or simply go with one with a brass look…? Did I mention how good it feels to be in the process of finishing Nevis?!!

Earlier this week we went for an evening walk along the Akerselva (a river in the city centre) along with a few ten-thousands of¬†other people… To mark the autumnal¬†equinox all electric light along the river was turned off, and replaced with¬†varying light shows and¬†torch lights. It was an absolutely¬†beautiful walk… not to mention¬†the special atmosphere created by so¬†many people in the same place at the same time. Below a little glimpse from the walk.


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