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Late gifts…

Well, the gifts weren’t actually late, but I’m late blogging about them… Instead of bringing flowers for a small hostess gift a few weeks back, I decided to bring two handknitted neckwarmers. Here they are:


Pudorosa Neckwarmer by Lia Moya

Yarn: Wilferts Pure Cashmere

Needles: 3.5 mm circular

Modifications: I skipped the buttonholes, instead I added a buttonloop and placed the button for an asymmetrical closing.


Ribbed Scarf by Celeste Glassel

Yarn: Drops Merino Extra Fine

Needles: 4.00 mm circular

Modifications: Inspired by Slim Slicks version I added a simple cable down the middle

I’m very happy with both these small projects, and they were both very well received ūüôā Recently I’ve had very little time for knitting, however I did find time to make these… admitted I was a little inspired by Valentines Day.




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can come from many places, but one reliable source of inspiration¬†are the blogs in my blogroll…¬†I follow them on a more or less regular basis, and trust me when I say I treasure the time I spend visiting them. Beautiful work is creatively presented in each one of them, and it is almost certain that I’m inspired to do crafty things after a visit (if not, is it rather due to external restrictions in knitting time, like work, cleaning… you get the idea).

Beyond the blogroll¬†there are the blogs I pass in my random seach for one thing or the other, somehow some of them have¬†managed to capture my attention… and I have become a more or less regular guest in these places as well. Since¬†these have become regular stops¬†I actually¬†ought to update the blogroll, however, until that happens¬†enjoy the links here…

Beautiful work to be found here, and here¬†and also a couple of Danish blogs always leave me inspired and in a good mood here and here… I’m sure there are plenty more out there, I like the thought of unlimited inspiration…

In between getting inspired and doing a little knitting there is yarntangler-time… When Zidane thinks it is time for some cozy yarntangler-time extraordinare he simply claims his place…


Oh yeah, and the knitting you see in the foreground of the picture is the Pudorosa Neckwarmer¬†by Lia Moya¬†in beige/sand cashmere (sooo soft!). I’m knitting this one for a gift so I really hope it will turn out nice, but more on that note in a later post.

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