FO Turn a Square and stash enhancement…

I know, I know… I wasn’t supposed to begin any new projects before finishing (at least one of) the projects I’ve got going already, however it didn’t eexactly turn out that way. I couldn’t help notice the beautiful Turn a Square hat by Jared Flood on Ravelry, and apparently my husband liked it too, because he requested one right away. Since I was, and actually still am, drowning a bit in the never ending Nevis sleeves, it didn’t take much to talk me into knitting the hat. And I have to say I really enjoyed this quick knit.

I knitted it in Wilfert’s Pisa, dark brown and Noro Silk Garden colorway 248, and I love the result. The colors are amazing, however the pictures doesn’t really do them justice. The finished result is somewhere in between the above picture and the picture below.

Main thing is that he is really happy with the hat, it is very warm, it fits very well and easily covers the ears, which was a specific request.

Apart from knitting the Turn a Square, I’ve been preparing for new projects. I’ve done a little stash enhancement, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some beautiful silk lace from Sundara (this is really exceptional yarn, not to mention the color, it is Bronzed Sienna, just beautiful). I haven’t decided what to make of this yet, for the moment I’m saving it for a special project.

Furthermore this arrived in the mail a few days later… Vogue Knitting fall 2008 (beautiful mittens), Phildar winter 2007/2008 (with several beautiful sweaters, especially a few with cables have my attention), 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock yarn in Charcoal colorway (I have a lace sock pattern in mind for these) and of course finally the Sundara silk lace.

I hope this can serve as inspiration to finish the Nevis sleeves, I just so want to finish this cardigan now… and I guess the good news is that I’m almost done with the first sleeve. Just gotta keep on knit 5 purl 2 😉 



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Taking a nap…

Tangling yarn can be exhausting, I guess this is what an annoyed cat looks like…

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Nevis WIP update

Well… progress is made on the Nevis cardigan. Now both the back and both fronts are finished and I’m knitting away on the first sleeve. I’m really curious to find out how the finished result will be and I’m really looking forward to finishing this one. Honestly though, I’m a bit worried about the many many ends I’ll have to weave in, the unintended felting of the yarn, the rainbow color combo and that it turn’s out to grow extensively in the process of blocking. For the moment though I’m happily ignoring these thoughts and I just enjoy the knitting.

Since the pattern is not at all complicated this fits perfect for tv-knitting, my favorite for the moment is “Six feet under”, it’s brilliant. With only the sleeves and the collar to go, I’ve today begun to consider new projects. As preparation I had to order the Phildar magazine no. 480 from winter 2007/2008, it has several beautiful sweaters (with a lot of beautiful cables) in it, I would just love to knit.

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Summer, socks and sheep?



An impression from an absolutely magnificent holiday in Iceland, in every way it exceeded all I had ever expected. We so enjoyed our time there, our friends had arranged for everything (and then some), and we can never thank them enough for this fantastic holiday. It was an undescribable pleasure to see them again, and to experience their beautiful country.


My very first pair of handknitted socks! My feet almost couldn’t wait to put them on, and I’m happy to report that they fit perfectly. These are Spring forward socks by Linda Welch, knitted in Harmony sock yarn from The wollen Rabbit, gorgeous yarn! Knittingwise, apart from the sock debut, not much has happened this past month. A little progress on each of the present WIP’s, which for the moment count the Nevis cardigan, the Swallowtail shawl and the Icarus shawl. I have sort of promised myself that I will finish at least one of the WIP’s before beginning a new one, however, I so enjoyed knitting the socks (and so enjoy wearing them) that I guess this will be a difficult promise to keep… There are so many beautiful patterns out there, sigh.

 Obviously there also had to be a picture of a sheep in this post.


And as a bonus I of course had to bring home a little wool. I guess this will eventually end up as a couple of nice shawls, at least that is the plan for now, it may change…

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I just love to empty the mailbox…

 … especially when what I find is this. My two books had arrived from Amazon (The best of Interweave knits and The knitter’s book of yarn), and also my order from The woolen Rabbit had arrived, a skein of merino laceweight in the colorway Arabian Nights and a skein of Harmony sock yarn in Herb Robert, both skeins so soft and beautiful it is difficult to imagine. The laceweight is predestined for a gift, I’m going to knit an Icarus shawl (by Miriam Felton) for a friend and I hope she will like the color. The sockyarn is for a not yet known project, however I’ve plenty of sock ideas from the beautiful projects on Ravelry, not to mention the fact that my stash was almost non-existent, so a bit of stashbuilding should be in place. (Not to worry for the stash though, because another order is expected to arrive soon ;-))

 Knitwise I, this week, found my second project. After visiting this lady’s  fantastic blog, I knew exactly what should be the outcome of my Evilla artyarn. After seing her Swallowtail shawl, I knew I had to make one for myself. I haven’t seen anything else where the colors of the  Evilla artyarn and the pattern complement each other that well. This is approximately how far I’ve gotten, and it doesn’t exactly look like much, but till I finish you can see what I hope it will look like in the end over at Bloggsberg, it is named Swallowtail IV (and yes, she has made four beautiful Swallowtail shawls). Because this project is also wool, it is not much cooler to work with than the Nevis cardigan, but at least it offers a bit of variation. This weekend I hope for the nice weather to continue, and also some relaxing knitting time, hopefully outdoors.

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Oh joy!

Evilla artyarnI have recieved the first of my orders in order to reestablish my for the moment almost non-exsistent stash, and I love it! It is 220 gram Evilla artyarn (from in grey-tones with a splash of green. I just can’t wait to knit a shawl out of this, and this time I believe it will be for myself. The pattern I consider for this yarn is the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark.  

If the orders I’m still waiting for, turn out to be as pleasant a surprice as this one I can barely wait to open my mailbox. Among a few other things I’ve ordered some Malabrigo Merino Worsted for a February Lady Sweater, so I guess I’ll be joining the knit blogging trend knitting this beautiful sweater.

Below just a glimpse from our weekend field trip, it was beautiful, and fortunately we had fairly nice weather. 

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Novice blogger


I’ve realized that blogging is a craft in line with other crafty things as knitting, crocheting, spinning, quilting etc. Not that I didn’t now that before, it is just that now I have truely realized the amount of work that goes into the beautiful and inspiring crafty blogs outthere, I haven’t really considered that before. I hereby dedicate this post to these blogs, I appreciate a lot the inspiration and motivation I get from reading them!

Being a novice blogger I still have a lot to learn, trust me when I say that this is not exactly how I envisioned my blog, but for the moment this is how far the level of my skills get me. Hopefully along the way I’ll improve my skills and my blog. In the meantime, if you happen to visit my site (if anyone is reading?) comments will be very much appreciated.


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